PSHE and Wellbeing at Home

Staying safe in the digital world

Digital Parenting: What's on the Minds of Kids is a guide from Vodaphone designed to help families live a happy and safe digital life.

How do I raise a digitally-savvy child; the expert’s guide to raising difficult issues with your child; security checklist (what tools can parents choose from); setting digital rules as a family; and more. 

Vodafone digital parenting 1View and download the Vodaphone Digital Parenting guide here (pdf).





Wellbeing for Students

Take a look at our Wellbeing for Students guide for great ideas on relaxation and mindfulness.

More Wellbeing information can be found here:

5 Top Tips for Self-Care

Staying Connected

Wellbeing Provision Booklet

And for parents and carers we have produced Wellbeing Awareness for Parents following a recent mental health awareness event at school.