Year 11 Transition Work

We are pleased to launch our support programme to help students in Year 11 transition into Year 12. The Transition into Year 12 Programme is designed to help students master and refine the skills required for post-16 learning and to help prepare you for a strong start to your chosen subjects in September.

Subject leaders will set work every fortnight and this will vary from course to course. For some subjects this will involve:

  • Learning the basic skills or content
  • Reviewing fundamental GCSE principles
  • Research and wider reading
  • Longer term projects

Click on your subjects in the left hand menu to access the work. 
If the file does not open automatically it will have downloaded as a file for you to access.

Please note, there is one single piece of work to complete each fortnight for Art, Photography, Textiles and Product Design, so these subjects are grouped together on the list of transition work.  This is also the case for Maths and Further Maths, who have a booklet and a separate completion timetable attached to it.

What you need to do

Students are expected to complete this work as it will form the foundation of baseline assessments at the start of September.  Completion of this work is one of the conditions of entry onto your subjects and the Sixth Form reserves the right to not accept a student’s entry onto a course if the transition work is not complete.

It is important you complete the work in the time frame set.  Work will be uploaded onto the website every two weeks and needs to be completed within this time. 

You do not need to submit the work to the Sixth Form every two weeks.  Instead, you need to collate all the work that you complete together and submit all of it when you join the Sixth Form in September.

Good luck with your transition work.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sixth Form by emailing Ms Mason on  We look forward to welcoming you to Prendergast Sixth Form in September.

Simon Conway
Head of Sixth Form