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At Prendergast School, our Geography curriculum provides students with an understanding of the human cultures and their interactions within the natural environment. It develops environmentally aware global citizens that are empowered to solve problems in this beautifully complex world.

The curriculum allows students to develop a deep knowledge of places and location.  It encourages curiosity of people and places and ensures students are empowered to ask geographical questions about our changing world.  Students will learn to appreciate the world from local to global and develop an understanding of how physical and human landscapes are interdependent and interconnected.

Through our Geography curriculum, students will learn to confidently use a range of geographical data to investigate the world developing skills in map reading, numeracy, and literacy. They will expand their geographical vocabulary and use it to communicate geographical ideas through discussion, debate and writing.  Students will develop the skills to identify and challenge bias when thinking about critically different viewpoints and to develop understanding of the big ideas in geography and how they interconnect.

We will develop environmentally aware global citizens that are motivated to investigate issues affecting a diverse range of places and people now and in the future and who are empowered to solve problems the world may face