Sixth Form Student Information

Sixth Form Office
To contact the Sixth Form Office, please use the contact details below.
Sara Chavez 020 8690 3710 x3061 or email
Nicki Mason 020 8690 3710 x3050 or email
Timings of the school day 
Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri: school starts at 8.50.
Thurs: school starts at 9.15.
School ends at 3.25 every day (lunch break 12.55-1.40).  
We expect 100% attendance.  Students are required to be in school every day for the entire day.  Students with free periods are expected to use the study rooms for private study.
If a student is ill, please ring the Sixth Form Office on the morning of the absence.
Sara Chavez 020 8690 3710 x3061 or email
Nicki Mason 020 8690 3710 x3050 or email
Medical and dental appointments are to be made outside school hours where possible.  Students leaving/arriving during the school day for appointments must sign in/out in the Sixth Form Signing In/Out Book (located near the main entrance on both sites).
Guidance and support
Guidance and support for students is available from the Head of Sixth Form (Mr Mealor), form tutors, subject teachers, pastoral heads (Ms O'Brien Y12 and Ms Gayle Y13), academic mentor (Ms Leach) and the Sixth Form administrators (Ms Mason and Ms Chavez).  If you are experiencing difficulties in any area of your school life you should first consult your form tutor or pastoral head of year.  Your pastoral head of year will have oversight of your year group as a whole, academically and pastorally, and will monitor your progress and attendance. The Sixth Form administrators are based in the Sixth Form Office (top floor, Park Site) and are available for queries, guidance and support throughout the day from 8.30-4.00.
Study in school
The Sixth Form Study Rooms are silent areas designed for private study during your free periods (Park Site).  Mobile phones must not be used.  No eating or drinking in the study rooms.  Opening times are Monday to Friday 8.30-4.00.
How much work should I do?
Academic success in the sixth form depends on the amount of time you are prepared to commit to your studies.  You should engage in independent study, be ready to read around subjects and be prepared to find things out for and by yourself.  You should spend at least 5 hours per subject per week studying outside your lessons.  Minimum effort on your part will result in a low grade. 
Dress code
We pride ourselves on our liberal attitude to sixth form dress as we believe clothing is a valuable outlet for self-expression and need not interfere with dedicated study. Sixth Form students are not required to wear school uniform but must observe the following rules. 
  • No see-through clothing
  • No beachwear, crop tops, vest tops or short shorts
  • No offensive logos or slogans
  • No hats or hoods in school
  • Appropriate footwear (no sandals in labs or workshops)
  • Jewellery must be small (for health and safety reasons)

Mobile phones
Mobile phones may be used during rec and lunchtimes.  They must not be used during lessons without staff permission. Parents/carers are asked not to call students during the school day. Contact can be made via the sixth form office if required.

Monitoring progress
Student progress is monitored throughout the year via formal exams and assessments in class.  If a student is at risk of not making good progress due to poor attendance, effort, achievement or behaviour, this will be followed up by the relevant department and/or the sixth form team. 

Further information
If you have any queries about Sixth Form, please contact the Sixth Form Administrator on 020 8690 3710 x3050 or email