In-Year admissions to Prendergast School

Thank you for your interest in Prendergast School.

Year 8-Year 10

For in-year admissions, you must apply direct to Prendergast School.

You are also advised to submit an In-year Common Application Form (iCAF) to your own Local Authority.

Year 7

For in-year admissions to Year 7, the secondary transfer planned round applies until 31 December each year. This school participates in the pan London Admissions Scheme for secondary transfer admissions into Year 7 each September and all applications must go via your Local Authority until the end of December of the year of entry.

From the start of term in January each year, our standard in-year admissions procedure applies to in-year transfers to Year 7 and you must apply direct to Prendergast School after this point.

You are also advised to submit an In-year Common Application Form (iCAF) to your own Local Authority.

Application form

To apply direct to Prendergast School for an in-year place, please download our application form here.

Online applications are preferred, but you may request a paper copy of the form. Our contact details are below. Your application form must be returned to Prendergast School, as outlined in the form.

Please note, this school is Prendergast School in Hilly Fields. (Our sister schools are Prendergast Ladywell and Prendergast Vale.)

Admission criteria

The admission criteria for in-year admissions are the same criteria as published in our Determined Admissions Policy each year and on our Admission Arrangements page for entry into Year 7 (see link in left-hand menu to admissions arrangements for current year).

Waiting lists

Waiting lists are held in the same order as the admission criteria. Prendergast School operates its own waiting lists from January of Year 7.

If your circumstances change, such as a change of address, or some other relevant change to your situation, please submit a new application with this new information.

Please re-apply online or contact the school via the details below to request the school's application form.

The school participates in Lewisham Local Authority’s In-Year Fair Access Protocol and children may be prioritised over those children on the waiting list for admission under this protocol.

Contact Admissions

Please email our Admissions team:

Or call the school via telephone number: 020 8690 3710