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Timetables for internal exams, Autumn 2018

Please note, the internal exam timetables were updated on 06-Nov-2018. Please download the versions below:

Year 11 internal exam timetable, November 2018 (revised)

Year 13 internal exam timetable, December 2018 (revised)


Timetables for internal exams, Spring 2019

Please download the internal exams timetable for Year 12 below:

Year 12 internal exam timetable, January 2019


Instructions for Exams (ICE)

Download the JCQ Instructions for Exams below:

JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations 2018-19


Information for Candidates

Download the JCQ Information for Candidates below:

JCQ Information for candidates - coursework for exams 2018-19]

JCQ Information for candidates - written exams 2018-19

JCQ Information for candidates - NEA 2018-19

JCQ Information for candidates - social media 2018-19

JCQ Information for candidates - Privacy Notice


Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Prendergast School - Centre Emergency Evacuation Procedure


Other information

Click here to see a copy of the NSPCC Childline's Beat Exam Stress