Prendergast School Hire and Lettings (prices per hour)
Main Hall (Adelaide Avenue) £140
Mural Hall (Park Site) £140
Classrooms £33.50
Sports Hall £55
Outdoor Sports Area (Bellingham Road, Catford) £55
(For all bookings a deposit will be requested)
  • Minimum 2 hours hire
  • Prices per hour between the hours of 8am and 8pm
  • Requests for hiring after 8pm, please contact the lettings officer for details
  • For long term bookings, discounts may be available, please contact lettings officer for details
For all lettings, either click here to be forwarded to the contact page where you can use the drop down box to make an enquiry to "Hire our facilites", or get in contact with the lettings officer directly using the email below.
Hire and Lettings Officer
August 2023