Spectroscopy in a Suitcase

On Tuesday morning our Year 12 Chemistry class had the pleasure of taking part in a Spectroscopy in a Suitcase workshop organised by Miss Sapsed.  Everyone had a good time at the workshop and it has really benefited us by providing us with more knowledge of the spectrometer; as well as developing our skills at IUPAC naming.  During the session we had to complete a booklet which required us to put to use all of our previous learning.  At one point during the workshop, in our pairs, we had the opportunity to use the equipment brought in from UCL (the IR spectrometer) and produce our own graphs by using samples which were provided to us. The workshop itself was really good and has definitely motivated us in terms of changing our mindsets about chemistry as it has so many different roots to it.  This workshop has really shown us how fun chemistry can be.

Somiijah Hashemi

Posted on 11th December 2018