Sue Roberts, Headteacher, announces resignation at end of Summer term





Sue Roberts, Headteacher, has announced her resignation which will take effect from July 2016. This is the text of a letter sent to parents and carers:

“I wanted to write to you personally to say that I have given in my resignation to the governing body and will be leaving Prendergast at the end of the summer term this year.

By then I will have been at the school 29 years.  I started as Head of Key Stage 3, became Deputy and I will have completed 8 years as Headteacher by the end of the summer term.

It has been a great privilege to work at the school for so many years.  Over that time the school has thrived and grown.  When I first started the school was in Catford with a very small girls only 6th form.

Many things have changed since that time, not least the results.  When I started the percentage of students getting 5 A-C grades was about 50%.  For a number of years now our year 11 cohorts have achieved well over 80% 5 A*-C grades and our A level results have improved significantly despite a huge increase in the size of the 6th form.  I am very proud that for many years now we have had 100% pass rate at A level and everyone who has wanted to go on to University or Art College has gained a place.  Our students go on to be successful in a very wide range of careers.

We also moved from Catford to our current building and have had a highly successful refurbishment and new build.  The school now has excellent facilities and our move to this beautiful site adds real pleasure to the daily experience of staff and students, although the hill is a bit of a challenge at times!

Over my time at Prendergast I have been lucky to have worked with a dedicated, professional and highly skilled staff and governors but most of all, however, I feel very privileged to have worked with so many young people.  It has been a joy watching our students grow and succeed.  My favourite Ofsted quote remains that students attending our school become ‘confident and articulate young people’.  When that is added to outstanding success at exams I know our students have been very well prepared for a successful future.

Thank you for your support over the years.  I know the school will continue to develop and thrive in the future.”

Posted on 5th January 2016