To Rome with Erasmus

Prendergast School has been awarded an Erasmus plus project to work with other five European schools from Italy, France, Denmark, Turkey and Holland. The project started in September 2017 and lasts until August 2019. This is a project sponsored by the European Union.  Sixth Form students who take part in the programme get the chance to work in collaboration with the other schools and get the chance to visit them.

The project called peace and education develop students’ awareness of others, their understanding of how conflict can occur and their knowledge of how to arrive at peaceful resolutions. Students will also be able to discuss instances of when conflict can lead to positive outcomes and how peace is not just the avoidance of conflict, but ensuring that everyone involved feels included and fairly treated.

The peace theme develops skills and attitudes that are essential in a globalized world, where young people will almost certainly need to work and build relationships with people who hold different beliefs.

As part of the project some of the students visited Rome in February where students spent a week living with the host families of the Italian students. In the morning they worked sharing the activities completed in our countries around human rights issues and in the afternoons they visited the city. Over the next few months students will visit Amsterdam and Paris.



Posted on 26th February 2018