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Curriculum Overview

At Prendergast School our curriculum is built to offer breadth and balance to all our learners in each year. Whether that be addressing the early development focus of our youngest learners in Key Stage 3 or the academic aspirations and qualifications of our Key Stage 5 students as they approach their public examinations. Our teaching is responsive to the new changes in the National Curriculum and embraces the high standards in knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of a twenty-first century education. We are innovative in our approach and integrate our responsibilities around delivering social, moral, spiritual and cultural, digital literacy and careers education into our programme of academic studies at all key stages. In addition to our academic routes, we offer a wide variety of enrichment lessons and activities.

Prendergast School has an exceptionally dedicated staff who work extremely hard to ensure students reach their full potential. We have a range of support systems, particularly in Literacy and Mathematics which supports those students who need it.

Secondary Provision

All students study the following subjects at Key Stage 3: Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Drama, Music, PE, Art, Design and Technology, Spanish, French, History, Geography and Religious Studies.

At Key Stage 4, all students study the following Core Curriculum: Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Combined Science with an option to study Separate Sciences), Spanish, French, Religious Studies and a Humanities subject (History or Geography).

Students then elect to study a further two subjects from this list: Computer Science, Drama, Music, PE, Art, Design and Technology, a second Humanities subject (History or Geography) and Separate Sciences (additional studies in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics): 

This is in addition to their statutory participation in studies which support their wider development in sports, ICT and social, moral, spiritual and cultural studies.(For information on KS4 Subjects please click here for our Year 9 Options Booklet)

Sixth Form Provision

Lastly at Key Stage 5, students have a wide variety of choice to study the following A-Level subjects: Maths, English Literature, Art, Chemistry, Media Studies, Photography, Product Design, Textile Design, Spanish and many more. Students are also able to re-sit their Maths and English Language if they did not achieve the pass grade at GCSE. For more details on which subjects you can study at our Sixth Form, click here for our KS5 Subject Handbook.

Click onto the subject information in the drop down box above for further information about subjects in all key stages.

Should you wish to have any further information about our curriculum then please do contact the school on 020 8690 3710 or or contact a Head of Key Stage by email as below:

Head of Key Stage 3 - Ms Mottershead:
Head of Key Stage 4 - Ms Kamara:
Head of Key Stage 5 - Mr Spreyer: