Remote Learning - Information for students

Lessons will take place at the time scheduled on your timetable.  For instance, if a lesson is due to take place during Period 1 on a Monday, that lesson would start at 9.15am on a Monday.  You should use your timetable to select the correct team at the correct time.   

Your teacher will give you clear guidance at the start of the lesson on MS Teams as to how the lesson will run.  There will be a mix of live interactive teaching and independent work to complete from SMHW.  

Expectations of the online class   

  1. Arrive to lesson on time. You can find the lesson posted as a link in the team channel or in your calendar, please check both places carefully.   
  2. You should be in a shared space in your house and you should use headphones where possible.
  3. Please join with your camera and microphone off.  Most lessons will be audio only for students (teachers may have their own cameras on).  Please follow the direction of your teachers regarding the use of any camera.  
  4. Only unmute your microphone when directed to by your teacher to answer a question or take part in a discussion.    
  5. If you are asked to turn your camera on you should use a background from MS Teams.  If this is not possible you should have a neutral background.
  6. Ask any questions using the ‘meeting chat’ function, your teacher will reply when they have the opportunity.  The reply maybe in writing or verbally.  
  7. Private chat is not allowed during lessons (this feature will normally be turned off).  
  8. All conversations and questions should be appropriate to the lesson and be centred around the learning.  
  9. Please ensure you behave to the standards expected during any online session.   
  10. Teachers will award Reward and Behaviour points as if it were a normal lesson.
  11. No recordings of the lesson should be taken by you - this includes both audio and visual. If you have any concerns about the lesson, please speak to your teacher.

Please be aware that all MS Teams traffic is monitored by the school. Should these protocols not be followed, appropriate sanctions will be taken in line with the school behaviour policy with regard to the appropriate use of technology in school.

If you have any concerns regarding online lessons, please contact your child’s pastoral manager.