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At Prendergast School our History curriculum provides all students with an understanding of the past. We support students to develop an enthusiasm for learning of past cultures and seeing their echoes in today’s societies. To create confident young people able to challenge the consensus of an unequal society from a position of knowledge. To provide for our students a set of critical and analytical skills which will empower them to shape their lives in their favour.

Our history curriculum aims to develop a deep knowledge of time, society and place. It encourages curiosity of people and events in the past and empowers our students to historically analyse and evaluate changes in the world.

Through our History curriculum students will learn to appreciate the world from an historical perspective, be that local, national or global and develop and understanding of how the past and present are inextricably linked.  Students will be able to confidently use a range of historical evidence to investigate key historical questions and the skills to express their opinions in an analytical way.

Our History curriculum will expand historical vocabulary and students will be able to use it to communicate ideas about the past through discussion, debate and writing.  They will be able to confidently identify and challenge bias when thinking about critically different viewpoints.

We will develop historically aware global citizens that are motivated to investigate issues affecting a diverse range of peoples now and in the past so they are empowered to solve future problems the world may face.