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Modern Foreign Languages

Our MFL curriculum is designed to encourage an inquisitive mind, a deep cultural awareness and appreciation of different cultures and individual differences. Through our MFL curriculum we aim to increase cultural capital and broaden horizons, readying students for a global world.

We want our pupils to be enthusiastic, engaged and challenged and to develop their ability to use and understand another language. Our MFL curriculum also aims at encouraging the awareness of our students of what lies behind a different language, enhancing the richness and the diversity of different cultures by using authentic resources as well as making links with students from different countries.

Our curriculum promotes, through the study of French and Spanish the building blocks for further foreign language learning in the future. It develops a strong lexicon in the target languages and applies grammatical knowledge to a variety of contexts.

Students who study languages at Prendergast school can understand and respond to spoken and written languages from a variety of sources, and can speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity.

They are able to recognize linguistic patterns, develop memorization, retention and retrieval skills for current and longer term use.

Our curriculum supports students in becoming effective communicators who can confidently use a range of vocabulary and grammar to express their ideas and opinions through listening, reading, speaking & writing