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Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum aims to inspire and enthuse students to participate in physical activity and sport both inside and outside of school.  It enables them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

It is our aim to offer all students a broad and balanced curriculum, which has sufficient depth and breadth to enable them to develop their full physical and mental confidence.

Our curriculum offers opportunities for students to develop competence in a broad range of physical activities and Sports, and offers opportunities in competitive sports and activities.

We enthusiastically encourage all students from all key stages to partake in extra-curricular clubs from a range of different areas to ensure a range of skills are being developed. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and follow their passions by taking up the many extra-curricular activities on offer. Our extra-curricular programme is central to being part of the school community and we firmly believe this enriches and broadens the educational opportunities open to all students.