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Religious Studies

At Prendergast School, our Religious Studies curriculum provides a stimulating, varied and enriching learning experience to prepare pupils for life in a culturally diverse modern world. We aim to encourage enthusiasm for interest in the study of other people’s beliefs and promote mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding across different cultures and communities.

Through the Religious Studies curriculum, students will develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the core beliefs and practices of the six world religions.  They will also develop an understanding of non-religious worldviews and of other religions alongside the six world religions.

Our Religious Studies curriculum aims to teach students how to interpret religious sources of authority and understand the role they play in the lives of believers.  It will develop an understanding of how belief impacts practice, for those within religions as well as in their own lives.  Students will learn how to construct reasoned arguments in their written and verbal contributions, and to be able to evaluate the relative strengths of different sides of an argument.

We will develop students’ oracy in discussion and debate, to include respectfully engaging with the views of others and give opportunities for students to reflect upon their own worldviews and personally respond to ethical questions, having critically engaged with different viewpoints.

RS is also taught within our PSHE programme during tutor time and our curriculum enhancement days.