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Our Science curriculum aims to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of a range of scientific ideas in the subject disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics as outlined in the national curriculum.

Students will be able to articulate their ideas and understanding using key scientific terminology both in the written and verbal form, as well as apply numeracy in various contexts.

Through our Science curriculum, students will be able to work like a scientist to develop and learn to apply observational, practical, modeling, enquiry, problem-solving and mathematical skills, in a range of contexts. We will embed independent learning and resilience.

Our Science curriculum aims to develop scientifically literate citizens who can make responsible, informed decisions about themselves and the ever-changing world around them.

We intend to foster a culture of lifelong learning and curiosity for science in such a way that they appreciate the work of scientists and are empowered and inspired to pursue or use scientific knowledge in their career pathways.

Our goal in science is not only to nurture the scientific curiosity of our students, but also to develop well-rounded individuals that leave with up-to-date knowledge and skills