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Business Studies

The intent of the business curriculum is for students to develop an enthusiasm and interest in the subject and to understand and appreciate the constantly changing and challenging environment that businesses operate in.

Business students will discover that business happens everywhere and will have existing knowledge and understanding about different businesses which can be applied to their learning outcomes.

Students will develop a range of skills including problem-solving, quantitative skills, formal written communication, extraction and selection of research/data from different sources, being independent, intuitive and interpersonal skills.

Providing a critical evaluation of how organisations operate from the viewpoint of different stakeholders will allow students to develop their judgement on business behaviour, operations and performance. Students will be able to apply concepts learnt about marketing and apply these to unseen scenarios and analyse the rationale behind their decisions. Financial literacy is a key component of the course and enabling students to develop their understanding of both personal and business finance/accountancy is a priority.

Students will also have the opportunity to partake in the recruitment and selection process and enhance their CV writing and interview skills in order to be in a strong position to gain employment or continue into higher education. The overarching aim of the business curriculum is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge, analytical and quantitative skills needed to develop their employability as well as identify business problems and opportunities.