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Computer Science

The computer science curriculum develops students’’ knowledge, skills, and understanding through key computational concepts and experience.

At Prendergast School, we believe all students need to know and understand how to use computer systems - both hardware and software - safely. To do this we have carefully constructed a curriculum that offers both depth and breadth in knowledge over a variety of concepts to embed all students with a foundation that enables them to use, create, develop, communicate and analyze computer systems.

We equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills that are and will be required in a modern world. All aspects of people’s lives, work, and leisure, are directly or indirectly been affected by technology. Students need to be able to harness and control the technology that is around them. At its core, this curriculum’s goal is to equip students with the ability to apply computational thinking to solve problems. Students develop knowledge of how digital systems work, enhance their digital literacy, and learn a breadth of digital applications that are relevant in society and the workplace.