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Digital Film and Video Production

The Film and Video curriculum aims to develop in students a proficient and confident understanding of single-camera techniques, film editing, and scriptwriting for various media sectors.

Students at Prendergast School will be supported to learn the practices and approaches of a professional filmmaker. These include pre-production processes such as storyboarding and scheduling; working professionally with actors and collaborators during the production phase; learning how to edit and finalize a project to a professional standard, meeting the needs of the given commission.

The curriculum develops students’ skills of scripting, shooting and editing moving image work to an excellent standard, meeting the needs of the particular brief assigned. Studying Film and Video, students will develop a wider and more sophisticated appreciation of film as an art form, as a means of personal expression and as window into other cultures.

Students will be provided the necessary training and experience to be able to continue their Film and Video education either in a Foundation course or Higher education opportunity, leading to professional and highly rewarding work in the industry. Students will be supported to develop their own artistic voices and gain the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in future endeavors related to working in the film and media industry.