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The Drama curriculum aims to develop in students a creative, engaged, and disciplined approach to the study of drama and theatre, through the creation, performance, and evaluation of drama and theatre.

Students at Prendergast School have the opportunity to learn about drama and theatre as an art form, working as theatre makers to explore play texts from the perspective of performers, directors, and designers.

The curriculum develops the skill of storytelling in performance, creating drama in a range of styles and genres and with an awareness of the role of the audience in the dynamics of theatre.

Students will develop cultural capital through the enrichment of knowledge and understanding of a variety of playwrights and theatre practitioners. The Drama curriculum's intent is to develop in students a wide range of competencies (which will assist them in a variety of career paths): teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and presentation skills.

In addition, our Drama curriculum supports students’ wellbeing and personal development by strengthening their emotional literacy, empathy, confidence and social interaction skills.