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Food & Nutrition

Our ambitious and engaging Food curriculum caters for pupils of all ability ranges, SEND needs, ethnicities and cultures and dietary needs. We fully support disadvantaged students by providing them with high-quality equipment, ingredients and fully funded trips where relevant to the Key Stage.   Provision of ingredients affords equality of opportunity so their outcomes are not impacted by their level of need and is in line with the wider School curriculum intent.  Where permitted, Cultural Capital is developed by visits to Food Markets to support their NEA.

Our intent is that on completion of KS3 Food learning, they are equipped with a wide range of fundamental and crucial life skills whereas young adults and the parents of the future, they have the ability to source affordable ingredients and cook healthy meals for themselves, others and their families.

They learn to recognize healthy ingredients and diets, food provenance and seasonality, dietary needs and cook a range of healthy meals in line with the Food Standards Agency Eatwell Guide by developing a range of culinary skills.  Practical cooking sessions focus on mainly savory meals with a strong emphasis on nutrition and scientific methods to understand the function of ingredients to prepare students for their GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition. Basic practical skills necessary for KS4 are embedded at KS3 to allow the GCSE curriculum to use these as the foundation for more complex skills acquisition.

It is our ambition that the carefully planned and sequenced Food curriculum will instill a love of cooking by exploring the diversity of global food cultures and open the door to one of the great expressions of human creativity.