Taking the Bebras Challenge

The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. It is organised in over 40 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. Between 5th November to the 10th November 2018 371 KS3 students, Year 10 and Year 12 Computer Science students were invited to take part in this challenge.

Certificates were awarded for the top five students in each year group. Particular congratulations go out to:

Year 12

Vlad Sotir (Best in School, Elite), Abdul Rahman Jamal, Razvan Alexandru, Dyan Razzak and David Bolarinwa.

Year 10

 Gray Ward (Best in School, Senior), Jessica Lane, Jack Barber-Griffiths, Lyra Napier, Simisola Animashaun, Dee Lawal and Morgan Jones.

Year 9

Dorothy Baldick (Best in School, Intermediate), Agnes Leggatt, Kate Ford, Sareiah Fantie, Hattie Asker

Year 8

Saule Gagilaite (Best in Year 8), Orla Gaffney, Ela Babuccu, Violeta Varela, Sara Aziz

Year 7

Rosemary Ashton (Best in School, Junior), Astrid Parker, Mia Evans, Sara Reveillon-Aydin, Annalia McDowall

Additionally, 24 students managed to achieve a score that placed them in the top 10% of Bebras scores nationally and are therefore invited to take part in another challenge in March 2019!

Well done to all students who took part in the challenge, the skills gained by completing the tasks adds to their overall progress in computational thinking and computer science generally.

Posted on 10th November 2018