Erasmus Adventures in Stockholm by Scarlett Hart Year 12

On the week beginning the 26th of January 2020, four year 12 students were lucky enough to take part in a project funded by Erasmus: ‘Roots and Roads’. This part of the project took place in Stockholm in Sweden. We arrived on Sunday around 6pm, and spent the evening getting to know our pen pals and their families. Monday was spent at the Swedish school, doing icebreaker activities to learn about the students from the other participating countries. There were students from Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Germany, and The Netherlands. We also did some activities – like making collages – surrounding the similarities in youth culture in the different European countries. On Tuesday, we got to explore the city of Stockholm; we had guided tours of the Museum of Medieval Stockholm and the Nordic museum. We also had a tour of the Old Town from the Swedish Students. That evening we had dinner at a Swedish fast-food chain, Max. On Wednesday, we went back to the school to do activities on the statement “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”. Through discussion, we found that there was a vast variety in views on immigration, with the Swedish students tending to be more conservative. On Thursday, we visited a Mosque and a Church. We then returned to the school and learnt some traditional Swedish dances. On Friday, our last full day, we watched a film at the school. Then we had tours of the Vasa Museum – a museum devoted to a perfectly preserved sunken ship – and of the ABBA museum. That night, we had a leaving party with all the students. The trip was enlightening with regards to the differences in social values, but as well as in similarities. Honestly, the degree to which the students spoke English was humbling, and I am so grateful that Erasmus allowed me to take part in this project.

Posted on 1st April 2020