Year 8 Natural History Museum Trip

On one of the warmest days of 2017, the whole of year 8 visited the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, with the intention of extending the Geography and Science curriculum outside of the classroom.  The day was split into three parts – students put their investigative skills to the test in the ‘Investigation Gallery’ – where they had the chance to study some of the specimens on offer, hypothesising on what they could be; they visited the exhibition on Earthquakes and Volcanoes, linking the learning from both Geography and Science; lastly, the students had the opportunity to attend an interactive talk on the structure of the Earth and tectonic plates. Thank you to everyone who helped with the organisation of this very successful visit.

‘The trip was so exciting, I loved it very much, even though it was so hot!  My favourite part of the trip was getting my hands covered in custard – we used it to show how molten rock changes under pressure. I also saw and experienced a fake earthquake and had the opportunity to investigate weird and wonderful specimens - it was cool.’ Mia 8R 

Posted on 28th June 2017