Drama Trip to the Globe Theatre

On the 23rd of June, Year 9 pupils who will be studying GCSE Drama in September went to see a Kneehigh production of 'Tristan and Yseult' at the Globe in preparation for their Live Performances unit  (and for sheer fun and enjoyment!)
'Tristan and Yseult is a retelling of the age-old romantic legend from medieval times; it shares many details with the Arthurian romance of King Arthur, Guinevere and Sir Lancelot in its depiction of a doomed love triangle torn apart by the conflict between love, friendship and duty.'
Although the idea for the story may spring from the past, the production made the story relevant to a modern audience.  We were all 'rocking and bopping' to the jazzy Latin live music like Mambola No. 1 - Moises Vivanco. The repertoire also included a host of classics from Wagner such as Tristan und Isolde Act 1 Prelude which acted as a counterpoint to the more upbeat sounds. Of course, the eclectic mix of sound along with the use of lighting, the talented actors and the backdrop of the locale, made this a memorable event.
Which student or teacher would not have been satisfied?  The irresistible list of attributes made the romantic tragedy that is 'Tristan and Yseult' one not to be missed.
Definitely and oldie but goodie worthy of being staged at the Globe...
Ms Grant

Posted on 6th July 2017