Prendergast Black History Month

Black History Month was celebrated this year with an array of activities and assemblies!  We kicked off the celebrations with an exciting assembly from Jennifer Campbell, Ansel and Dorothy Wong who are heavily involved with the Notting Hill Carnival and the history behind it. Jennifer runs an events company and conducts tours around Notting Hill Carnival.  Ansel was one of the founding members of Black History Month here in the UK and it was an honour to have him, Dorothy and Jennifer come and present the history of the Notting Hill Carnival to Years 7,8,and 11. Dorothy performed an energetic dance that was performed in a traditional carnival costume that the students thoroughly enjoyed! 
Year 9 had a thought provoking assembly from Ms Olanipekun highlighting the importance of healthy discussions and debates surrounding black and other ethnic minorities in Britain - #MyBlackHistory. We then had a musical performance from Beverly Abima (8D) who attends the Prendergast School Gospel Choir – Well done Beverly!
In the Library, we created a special display for BHM which showcased new and old literature and non-fiction books from prestigious black authors such as Benjamin Zephaniah and Toni Morrison. 
To round off the celebrations, we had a Samba Drumming workshop and a week long programme of movies where the storylines surround black main character(s). The films played were The Princess and the Frog, Hidden Figures, Akeelah and The Bee and The Great Debaters – by far Hidden Figures was the most enjoyable! 
To find out more about the Notting Hill Carnival Tours, please see Ms Lauder in the Library.
Ms Lauder

Posted on 31st October 2017