Going Dutch

This summer students who take part in the orchestra and chamber choir were taken on a trip to Holland, where our main aim was to play two concerts in the towns of Delft and The Hague. The citizens of those towns seemed to enjoy the pieces played and the songs sung, which deemed the many extra hours of practice and preparation worthwhile! Whilst in Delft we were also shown around the canals of the town on boats by two lovely tour guides who did not hesitate to supply us with the most valuable pieces of history.

As well as looking around towns and beaches, one of the main aspects of the trip was the amount of travelling that we did. But we always found the best sources of entertainment, including the shout-singing of three-part rounds on the back of the bus (whilst the leaders tweeted about them with the most hilarious of ‘hashtags’), playing card games and sharing music-related jokes. It is safe to say that we had a whale of a time whilst out and about!

Also, we took a day trip to Efteling Theme Park, where we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. While my friends and I experienced the most ‘scary’ rides, some other friends enjoyed a nice ride on the slowest boats in the world!

I would say that even the trips to Holland and back were entertaining, as we watched two musicals on the way there and on the way home took part in the coach quiz that Ms Bodenham set up for us, which was enjoyable despite the tinge of sadness that hung in the air.

So, overall I believe that the memories that we now share, as well as the souvenirs that we brought back with us, will bring us a lot closer together as I am sure that most of us hold this trip as one of the landmarks of the year. So, thank you to all the members of staff that supported the trip to happen, and here’s to next time.


Posted on 31st July 2018