Government announcement of their recovery strategy for schools, May 2020

In May 2020, the Government announced a roadmap for how and when the UK will adjust its response to the COVID-19 crisis and have set out their plans for moving to the next phase of its response to the virus. They have explained that this is a cautious approach to easing existing measures in a safe and measured way, that will be subject to successfully controlling and monitoring the spread of the virus.

You can read more about the announcement at this link: Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy (

You may have seen that this national announcement included some early information about the next steps for the phased wider opening of schools and other educational settings. 

The Government has announced plans for children in Years 10 and 12 to have some face-to-face support in their own school from Monday 1st June (at the very earliest), to supplement students’ remote education. This date is not yet confirmed and the Government will make further announcements. 

The television address on Sunday 10th May was the first time we all heard some of the plans and I’m sure many of you will have questions. This announcement was the first time the executive and headship teams across the Federation heard this message too. We now need to take time to give this proper focus and consideration as we further develop our plans so that all children and staff can be as safe as possible whilst at school.

We are expecting more information and guidance for schools soon and we await these further details. In the meantime, as a Federation, we are thinking carefully about the future steps we will take to start to reopen safely, how and when we can.  

Please read more information for parents and carers at this link: Opening of schools and educational settings to more pupils from 1 June: guidance for parents and carers (DfE)

We know these have been very challenging times for everyone and that the hard work you are all doing continues. The measures we have taken together have helped reduce the spread of the coronavirus, but they have been necessary and they have kept people safe and saved lives. 

Please be reassured that our overarching aim will be to continue to help keep our Prendergast community safe. We will take careful and considered decisions, as we plan for the future.

We ask our students to continue their focus on their home learning, as this is the best preparation they can do for a successful return to school in due course. Our provision for the children of critical workers and vulnerable students remains in place.

A reminder to all parents and carers to make sure your contact and medical information is up to date. If you have had any recent changes, such as a change of home address or telephone number, please email the school with your updated details to the school's admin email address.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available and will stay in touch via ParentMail, Show My Homework and this website.

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