Additional enrolment forms 2023-24

As part of your enrolment with Prendergast School, there are some additional forms to complete. Please download the additional forms below.

These are consent forms and must be completed by the parent/carer with parental responsibility. Please make sure you have signed each form before returning to the school. We ask that you complete the youth support services form as explained below. The instrumental music lessons form is optional.

Please complete each form, then sign, scan and send to the school via email to: PS Admissions

Youth Support Services consent form

The school is required to pass on information to the Youth Support Services for students approaching or above the age of 13. This information includes the name and address of the student and parent/carer, and any further information relevant to the Youth Support Services role. This role is to support young people, helping them to achieve their potential and to realise benefits from education, learning and employment. All parents/carers need to complete this form because we must ask your permission to pass information other than your name and address (for student and parent/carer).

Instrumental music lessons form

If you wish to request instrumental music lessons for your child, these can be arranged with private tutors for a selection of musical instruments. This form is optional and only necessary if you wish to request private music lessons. There is a fee for these lessons. Lessons are offered on a first come first served basis only. Further details are provided in the form.

Have you completed your online enrolment?

Thank you to everyone who has already completed their online enrolment to Prendergast School. If you have not already done so, please now complete your online enrolment to Prendergast School for entry in September. Follow the link we sent from our admissions platform, Applicaa, to fill in our online enrolment form.

Privacy Notice for Pupils

More information about our Data Protection policy and privacy notices can be found on the Policies page of our website. 

We're getting ready to meet you soon. Please make sure you tell us everything we need to know before you join in September.