Homework Statement

We recognise the importance of homework for all students in order to deepen, enhance and consolidate their understanding as well as to develop essential communication, study and reference skills.


Teachers will ensure that homework is a meaningful extension of the classroom experience, and will keep a record of tasks set and of the outcome. There will be feed back to the pupils which explains how to make progress.


Students should record homework in their planner and ensure it is returned for marking by the teacher within the allocated time.  The student planner can also be used to communicate the non-completion of homework as parents are asked to read and sign planners each week. 


Every pupil is expected to do homework each evening, beginning with about one hour per evening in year 7 and increasing as pupils progress through the school. 


Homework club takes place in the Library from 3.30-4.30 each afternoon and prefects are available to help girls with their homework.