Sixth Form Student Bursary

Prendergast Sixth Form 16-19 Student Bursary

The 16-19 bursary fund is designed to help support those students who might otherwise struggle to reach their potential at Prendergast Sixth form due to financial constraints. Some bursaries are paid directly to students’ bank accounts via BACS, however the majority of funds are used to assist recipients with costs associated with sixth form study, such as textbooks, educational off-site visits and computers.

Types of 16-19 Bursary available at Prendergast Sixth Form

1. Vulnerable Student Bursary
This bursary is available for students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • in, or recently left, local authority care
  • receive income support or universal credit in their name
  • receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in their name
  • receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in their name

2. Discretionary Student Bursary
The discretionary bursary is available for students who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or are experiencing significant financial hardship. Prendergast Sixth Form recognises that not all young people who are eligible for FSM take up their entitlement, therefore the criterion for discretionary bursaries are one of:

  • FSM take-up in Year 11
  • FSM entitlement (not necessarily taken-up) in Year 11 and Year 12
  • Evidence of significant financial hardship

Conditions of receiving a Prendergast Sixth Form 16-19 Student Bursary
All Prendergast Sixth Form students and parents/carers should have read and signed the sixth form home/school agreement. If a student in receipt of a 16-19 bursary does not fulfil any of their obligations as noted in the home/school agreement, Prendergast Sixth Form reserves the right to withhold part or all of their bursary.

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