Year 10 Work Experience - Case Study: 19-23 June 2017

Year 10 Work Experience Case Study: 19-23 June 2017

Year 10 completed a week of work experience this term from the 19 to 23 of June. We have had fantastic feedback from employers on how well students performed in the work place.

Two students attended a work experience placement at The British Heart Foundation, Sarah Salami-Ramanu and Aaliyah Huxtable. Here’s what Sarah had to say about her experience:

"During Work Experience Aaliyah and I gained a lot of different skills such as team work, communication skills and social awareness. We spoke to many interesting people who worked in different departments of the headquarters. From Monday to Friday, every day was different and always exciting. For example on Thursday we went on a trip to a lab in Guys Hospital and then on Friday we were invited to an award ceremony.

We were also invited to all the important meetings and we got to hear about upcoming events, the staff also valued our opinions and feedback because their target market is teenagers.

It was a shame that work experience had come to an end as we found it very beneficial. Throughout the whole week we were treated with maturity and respect, it was a comfortable place to work and all the staff were very welcoming."

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