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Attendance and punctuality

  • We expect your daughter to be in school every day and on time unless:
  • She is too ill to attend
  • She has a medical appointment that can only be made in the school hours
  • Other extreme circumstances where permission has been agreed by the Head of School

Leave of absence in term time

We do not authorise holidays during term time.  If you require your daughter to be absent from school for exceptional circumstances, you will need to complete an Exceptional Leave of Absence form (click here).  The Head of School will consider these requests on an individual basis, taking into account the student’s attendance record and the circumstances surrounding the request.

What will we do to monitor attendance and punctuality?

  • We will contact you on the first day of absence by text if you have not previously informed us of the reason why your daughter is absent
  • Send you regular attendance and punctuality statistics 
  • Contact you and arrange a meeting to discuss any concerns we have over attendance and persistent issues with punctuality

Guidance for parents/carers 

  • Please reinforce our expectations regarding full attendance and excellent punctuality with your daughter
  • Support Prendergast School staff when we take action over punctuality and truancy
  • Let us know of any change in contact details immediately
  • Contact Prendergast School to inform us about any absence, on the morning of the same day
  • Ensure that your child completes any work that has been sent home or that she catches up with any work that has been missed

Excellent attendance is important because:

  • We want all students to take advantage of the opportunities provided.  Evidence shows that there is a direct link between poor attendance and under-achievement. Students not in school are more at risk of failing to achieve.  In addition, they run a greater risk of getting involved with crime or becoming victims of crime.
  • The law requires parent/carers to be responsible for ensuring that their children attend school and are on time

Timings of the School Day

From September 2020 the timing of the school day will temporarily be changed.

The day will start at 8.45am for most students, apart from Year 9 who will start at 8.50am.

School will finish at 3.05pm every day apart from Thursday when there is no form time and school will finish at 2.40pm. 

Please note that these times may be subject to change.

Students must ensure that they are punctual to all lessons as poor punctuality to lessons can result in a truancy mark.

School Meals

Our School Meals provider is Olive Dining. Click on the links to see the menu offer in the Spring Term. 

Spring Term - Week 1

Spring Term - Week 2

Spring Term - Week 3

Read Olive Dining's latest Update on meal provision.

Please see Olive Dining's Food Allergen Information

Free School Meals 

Please see information below for free school meals and School transfers: